Impressionen von der Ruppin-Grundschule
Die Fotos und Texte wurden von unserer Englischlehrerin Mrs. Eckes-Boehmer und Schülern der Klassen 6a und 6b im Schuljahr 2012/2013
anlässlich der Hundertjahrfeier erstellt.
Die Schüler haben ihr Schulgebäude und das Gelände zum Abschied noch einmal genau und mit ihren Augen durchstreift, auf der Suche
nach ihren Erinnerungen und ihren Bildern.
Nur ein Teil dieses Zeitdokuments ist hier wiedergegeben.

This sign is on the right side of the front building near the bikes and the garbage containers. You can see the date 1913. This is the date when the school was built. Some people say 13 is an unlucky number but the school was good for me-. I was happy here. Above the date you can see a bird. I always pass the sign when I come to school in the morning. In spring and in summer I always hear the birds twitter.

Photo and text by Antonia, class 6a


When you come into the school area from
Offenbacher Street you can see millions of bikes and lots of kickboards on the right side. I come by here every school day.
I normally come to school on foot because
I live nearby but I have a bike, of course.
I usually go bike to the orthodontists`s or to the doctor´s.

Photo and text by Lorenz, class 6b

This drinking well is one of my favourite places because I combine a lot of good memories with this well. In the first and second grade Meta and I always went to this drinking well and we drank from it nearly every break. In summertime we filled bottles with water from this well and then we had water battles.

Photo and text by Sophie, class 6b

This is the bridge between the two school buildings
front building and side wing.
There is a big door with many small windows inside.
The heating is very warm in winter and I sometimes warm up myself here.
I love radiators in general.
I think I have passed this door more than hundred times.

Photo and text by Philip, class 6a

This photo is an snap shot.
We got it in front of the assistant headmaster Mr Saxinger`s office.
The architecture of the archways and the light make really interesting designs on the ceilings.

Photo and text by Mrs Eckes-Boehmer

This is a blue wooden bench.
It is on the first floor near our headmistress' office.
Every morning I see this bench.
Sometimes kids put their school-bags on this bench or they play in front of this bench. That sometimes looks cute.
This bench is a meeting point.
One day I had hurt my foot and I was told to sit and wait on THIS BENCH.

Photo and text by Joshua, class 6a

Here you can see the big stage of our "Aula".
I chose this picture because at the "Flea Market Day" of our school
we played hide and seek here.
When I hid behind the curtain nobody found me.
Besides this I have personal experiences on this stage.

Photo and text by Hannah, class 6a

I like the music room because I like music.
It is one of my favourite rooms and it is really big and beautiful, I think.
With some teachers we mostly used the instruments and with some teachers we mostly sang here. This room is next to our classroom - that's great, too.

Photo and text by Lilianne, class 6b

This is our computer room. Our class teacher is the computer expert and we learnt a lot here.
This year we also got an activity board.
Sometimes we had internet problems, printing problems, electricity problems but mostly it was fun working here.

Photo and text by Koray , class 6b

Here you can see my sports bag. My sports bag is in the middle - it is grass-green.
I never forget my sports clothes because I love sports.
We usually have P.E. (physical education) in the lower sports hall.
We have two sports halls.

Photo and text by Luka, class 6a

Here you can have a look at the secret places of our school - the mega big attic.
It's a store room for theatre decorations, old chairs and tables, boxes full of clothes and handicrafts and so on.

Photo and text by Leonie and Chalina, class 6a